Cosecha Monument BuildingCosecha Monument Building — Photo courtesy of Cado De Lannoy

Ever since Aruba’s downtown embellishment plan took off, the streetscape of Oranjestad has started to metamorphose into a vibrant and pulsing capital.

With old monument buildings restored, tramcars roaming the streets, joggers and walkers filling up the Linear Park boulevard, new endeavors are bound to happen. And while the island’s capital city keeps spreading its wings, visitors may have noticed the latest developments, works still in progress and recent newcomers like Aruba’s modernized House of Parliament in the shape of a sea shell. 

Another expansive reconstruction was the renovation of the old National Archaeological Museum building in the Zoutmanstraat. This bright yellow, 100-year-old monument – once green and stocked with ancient artifacts – is now officially home to the island’s well-established community of contemporary artists and artisans.

Artist collection at CosechaArtist collection at Cosecha — Photo courtesy of Cado De Lannoy

By introducing the Seyo Nacional Pa Artesania (national qualifying seal of approval for artisans), the Department Of Culture sets out to establish and maintain an adequate standard of craftsmanship quality on the island. The Cosecha initiative plugs perfectly into this concept, housing the authentic Aruban arts, crafts and culture scene while also bringing it closer, making it more accessible to locals and tourists. 

Cosecha – meaning “harvest” in Papiamento – is a fine local art and craft gallery boutique in the heart of Oranjestad. Apart from celebrating and sharing the fruits of Dutch Caribbean creativity, Cosecha is quickly becoming a new and lively meeting point in town. 

Reinforced by the C.R.A.F.T. Foundation – a non-profit organization that promotes and supports artisanal craftsmanship from emerging talents to master artisans – Aruba’s creative legacy is in good hands. C.R.A.F.T.’s young and innovative team means to develop, encourage and expand the island’s creative industry in general and, in particular, the local artisanal product.

Cosecha is not only a perfectly located venue, but this ongoing fine art and craft expo is also set to unleash the island’s creative potential. An ever-changing array of locally made sculptures, pottery, glass and ceramic art, paintings, handcrafted jewelry, driftwood decorations and fashion collections gives a fascinating glimpse of the Aruban culture and heritage.

Not to forget, it offers the magnificent opportunity to buy ultra-authentic gifts.

Discover the newest masterpieces by local legends such as renowned sculptor Ciro Abath, glass artist Marian Abath, Upcycled fashion designer Carina Molina and painter Hendrik Schouten.

Depending on the season and the heart of the exhibition, visitors can expect anything: art photography, kwihi wood souvenirs, Aruban clay accessories, seashell creations . . .

The possibilities are as inexhaustible as inspiration itself.

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