Bob Marley-themed shop makes a splash in a much larger storefront, with cool vintage decor and lots of new merchandise

Reggaeland is an emporium of all things reggae related in Puerto Viejo de Limon, Costa Rica. And thankfully, the shop recently relocated and expanded to a centrally located seaside storefront spot.

With street vendors vying for attention on either side, Reggaeland stands out as a sleek new place to discover the best selection of Bob Marley merchandise, hip clothing for men and women, vintage reggae CDs and souvenirs to commemorate a visit to Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast.

Love rules at ReggaelandLove rules at Reggaeland — Photo courtesy of Sophia LaMonica

In its previous location, Reggaeland was incognito, hardly noticeable in a smaller storefront down a corridor of a shopping center. In its current digs along the main road in the center of town, Reggaeland claims a more befitting piece of real estate for its comprehensive collection of merchandise, all largely inspired by reggae music.

A double wide window display shows off some of the goods, and the entryway is shrouded in ornately carved wood, hinting at the superiority of its contents.

Inside, vintage records, posters and photos of Bob Marley and Che Guevara line the walls, and the décor does an excellent job of immersing shoppers in a colorful world that feels more 1970s than 2015.

Reggae music played on the sound system only enhances the vibes, and there are several boxes of reggae CDs for sale near the register, which you may find yourself coveting – even if you don’t have a CD player.

Women’s and men’s clothing, woven caps and trucker hats, purses, handbags, bathing suits and flip-flops by Hawaiiana compete for floorspace, but the store doesn’t seem crowded. Plus it’s designed for easy browsing.

Rasta colors predominate without overwhelming, and images of Bob Marley and marijuana leaves are emblazoned everywhere, ubiquitous symbols of this little enclave of Costa Rica.

Under glass cases are all the pipes, bongs and paraphernalia one might care to procure, but the display is subtle enough not to offend more conservative families with kids.

In fact, there are often small children playing at the entrance to Reggaeland, which is just across the street from the water’s edge and the original Old Harbor for which the town is named. An adorable Marley-themed onesie with the Jamaican flag is featured in the window display.

With Reggaeland so easy to find and such a joy to browse in its new locale, there’s no reason not to make it a primary stop for souvenir shopping. The shop is open every day from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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